Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harry Potter

I remember opening up this unit and this was the first thing I saw. Too bad it was all folded up or I would have kept it. What gets me is Harry's expression on it. He looks so unexcited, or depressed. They could have used some other shot or something.

There were also a couple of boxes of books that I looked through. Unfortunately, most of them were children's books that I had no interest in.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jack Skelington

A drawing I found while driving the property. I thought it was cool, and I like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Lone Couch

This was a unit that went to lien, and was going to be up for auction. We opened it up and found only this couch and a pile of paper trash. It wasn't worth much, so we ended up getting him to abandon it and just move him out. We still haven't thrown it away, mostly because it'll be a pain.


I was passing by a JumBurrito and found it funny that they would put delicious in quotation marks.

Love Letters

I was driving the property, doing some clean-up. I found a lot of papers scattered around, most of them were obviously somebody's school work from Elementary. I didn't take pictures of those before I trashed them, but I found these letters. I didn't read them, but I could tell that they were love letters from some Junior High or High School.

I don't know why, but this was the first time I felt that I needed to document some of the things I would find. There was something sad about love letters being abandoned on the pavement.

The First Thing I Kept

I found this scooter in a unit in which the previous owner had left a bunch of trash. I was surprised to find that it was still in pretty excellent condition. My nephew was having his birthday soon, so I asked his mom to see if it was alright to give it to him. I was surprised, since he's only like 3.

It just needs to be cleaned up a bit.

A Blog About My Job in Self-Storage

This is a new blog of mine about my job working at a Self-Storage. The number one question that I get about my job is "What is the strangest thing you have found when cleaning a unit?" or usually something about Auctions.

So, I'm making this blog to answer some of those questions, mostly about the things that I find. However, the only things that I post on here will have been things that have already been sold at auction, or that have been abandoned, or that I've already thrown away. There are a very few things that I will keep.

Also, some things are censored, like the name of the place I work at, and the number of the units. I don't know why, I just feel safer doing that.

That all being said, I hope you enjoy looking through the things that I find while working at a self-storage place.